Time 2 Live is a multi-faceted company that provides marketing, advertising, logo design, web design, and distribution for independent artist; we assist with creating a social presence and visibility online. We have done a lot of work building relationships and through that process developed a network that we believe can take our company and platform to the next level. We enjoy the music and working with our many clients. However, the vision is for us to become a multimedia company that helps develop artist, create teams that drive promotion and thought leadership that will push forward a press campaign in advance of a project being released. We don’t believe artist plan to fail but when they fail to plan, it garners the same results. We believe there is a disconnect from a business standpoint, a gap if you will that we can fill. We would like to bridge the gap between major label artist and independent artist by getting involved in their careers early, assisting with development and forging a press campaign to make the public aware of the artist and their upcoming release.

Top News

OP NEWS In January, we launched our very first issue of our Indie Movement digital magazine. Our magazine provides another platform for Independent Artists to shine. Today is the official launch of our Summer Edition! That's right The Indie Movement Magazine is back! click the link, and check out our featured article with WHO?MAG owner Rob Schwartz! http://www.slideshare.net/kenyottagriffin/time-2-live-entertainment Also, check out interviews with R&B Diva Naomi Rose, Nation Zamar, & King Soloman! Check out Fashion icons I Am Culture and Laurent Beau! There's a lot to dig into, so click the link and enjoy!!